Our First Four Fascinating Foodieodicals

The first four Foodieodicals we’re spotlighting find commonality in their observance of seasonal, local food practices that take into account the history, memories and notable individuals that are involved in our daily edible traditions.

Photo credit: http://chickpeamagazine.com/

Chickpea, for starters, embodies these philosophies exactly. Although vegan minded, their recipes are delectable enough to entice a finicky omnivore. The zine further reflects its equitable mentality with free online versions of every issue and a policy to accept submissions from individuals of all skill levels. Stunning photographs of everything beautifully vegan, from root vegetables to soda, evoke delight in the present season.

Photo credit: http://www.sweetsandbitters.com/

Sweets & Bitters, an equally design-focused quarterly, aims to capture “the good life” in a series of photo essays presented alongside themed mini-cookbooks. In highlighting seasonal and local ingredients, the foodieodical also recognizes the practicality and viability of their suggested tips within the context of our modern world. One flip through the vivid spreads will leave you wishing there was some way to dive headfirst into the pages.

Like Chickpea and Sweets & Bitters, similarly titled Gather and Graze both concentrate on mindful habits when it comes to food. Yet, despite their farming jargon titles that both happen to start with a “G,” they should certainly not be confused—even though they share another parallel in that they devote their pages to food as it relates to individuals. 

Photo credit: http://www.gatherjournal.com/

While Gather triumphs seasonal ingredients, offering up gorgeous snapshots and delectable recipes, the magazine emphasizes food’s capacity to unite.

Photo credit: http://www.grazemagazine.org/

Graze celebrates food with reference to the people, background, narratives, and memories that surround it. This human-centric approach eschews recipes in favor of a dialogue on food with respect to politics, relationships and events.

We are super psyched about this all-star roundup and there’s even more to come!

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